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We Offer the Following Services to Repair and Improve Your Home:

Fit Window Locks

Fit Door Locks, Chains, Spyglasses

Hang or Ease Doors

Fit Shelves

Garden Landscaping

Lay or Repair Paths

Demolish or Repair Walls

Repair or Paint Fences

Clean Patios

Change or Repair Taps

Replace Radiator Valves 

Replace Shower Valves

Replace Water Tank Ball Cock

Replace WC Flush Mechanisms

Replace WC Seats
Replace Sink and Bath Sealant 

Minor repairs


Wallpaper Stripping and Hanging

General Cosmetic repairs
Making Good





Fit Curtain Rail

Hang Pictures / Curtains / Blinds

Fit Shower Screen

Assemble Flat Pack Furniture

Move Furniture

Power Jet Washing

Clean and Clear Gutters

Squirrel Proofing your House

Repair Garage Door

(As regulations allow)

Change Light Bulbs

General Repairs

Install LCD / Plasma Screen

Move Sockets or Switches

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